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The State of Virginia enlists recovering addicts to help fight drug crisis

RICHMOND, Va. — Virginia is enlisting recovering addicts in its battle against the opioid epidemic.
The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported Sunday that more than 1,000 peer recovery specialists have been trained by the state’s Office of Recovery Services. They’re beginning to work in opioid treatment centers, emergency rooms and recovery centers.

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Recovery Capital And My Personal Experience

The Importance of Building Recovery Capital

Several people who have traveled the road to recovery, have been exposed to the concept of “personal inventory”. At times, the personal inventory refers to past indiscretions, liabilities, internal and external assets that may or not exist, that will have a direct effect on our recovery. Those internal and external assets are very similar to the concept of Recovery Capital.

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The opioid crisis has made its way to Art Basel this year

The opioid crisis has made its way to Art Basel. If you attend the SCOPE International Art Show, don’t be surprised to see samples of an unusual nature being given out. No, you won’t be getting free drugs — just the opposite.

Around the exhibition called “,” featuring drug addiction-inspired works by contemporary NYC artist Tom Fruin,

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