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BioSound: An Alternative Natural Mental Health Option


Life can seem very difficult as we face day to day challenges.

People are being diagnosed with mental health conditions more and more frequentlely, and are becoming more concerned with every aspect of their well being. Several people rely on medications, but there is a large group of them who are seeking alternative treatment options. Many people who suffer from mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, trauma, and subtance use disorder may be resistant to wanting to take medications in order to alleviate the issues that they struggle with.

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By: William White

For more than 150 years, specialized support for addiction recovery in the United States has rested in two cultural institutions: peer-based recovery mutual aid organizations and professionally-directed addiction treatment.  Recovery historians are noting something quite unique unfolding in recent decades:  the emergence of new recovery support institutions that do not fit the categories of traditional mutual aid or addiction treatment. 

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Recovery coaches at ERs try to help opioid addicts avoid another overdose

 July 22
 Five months into his job at a 24-hour walk-in behavioral health center here on Staten Island, Tarik Arafat has a new assignment: on call at a nearby hospital to counsel people who have just been revived from opioid overdoses.
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