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Thursday, April 30th starting at 7 PM
A Free forum on Addiction Recovery Advocacy

Guest speakers & a question and answer discussion on issues and solutions relating to addiction and recovery.

Fellowship Hall
at Unity Church
261 SE 13th Ave
Pompano Beach, FL 33060
(map link)

Addiction Recovery Advocacy

By Marc Dunn

2015-04-Breakingthechain-meetingThe general public is not well informed about addicts or the disease of addiction. It is still generally believed that if the addict would stop drinking or drugging everything would be OK. Addiction involves so much more than ingesting a substance; there are relationship issues, legal consequences, family dynamics and lifestyle choices that have contributed to the manifestation of this mental health issue. The substance is only a symptom.

We have come together as an Addiction Recovery Network (AR Network) to educate and inform the public and answer questions about addiction and recovery. We see so much about addiction in the media and on TV, but many people have a lot of questions about sobriety, what it means and how it will change their lives. Recovery is a planned change of lifestyle designed not only to prolong life, but also make it more joyous and free. If the point of sobriety is recovery; then we can have a quality of life with more enjoyment, better relationships, less expectations, more acceptance and tolerance.

It is our intention through public forums and private counseling to inform and educate addicts and their families and friends of the progressive nature of the disease of addiction and its resulting premature death.

The Addiction Recovery Forum on April 30th at Unity of Pompano Beach is coordinated with National Honesty Day; therefore we plan to be telling the truth about addiction. We encourage ALL to be brave and share opinions, thoughts and perspectives that might otherwise go unsaid. We encourage everyone to be gentle and polite, but speak the truth.
The truth about addiction is that it does not discriminate based on race, status, ethnicity or religion.

Our speakers: Professional with Experience in the Field of Addiction
1. Brandon Harris-Licensed Psychologist Addiction Counselor
2. Phil Madan-Drug Court Supervisor
3. Dawn Maslar-Biologist/Author/Relationship Counselor
4. Cindee DePasquale-Family Recovery Parent
5. Marc Dunn- Certified Recovery Coach

We will address the following topics and open the Forum up to Questions and Answers.

• Define addiction and explain needs for professional therapy
• Explain process of counseling and therapy
• Legal Consequences of alcohol and substance abuse
• Why relationships can be so difficult and even dangerous in recovery
• Common relationship patterns and why they occur
• What you can do to have a happy and healthy relationship in recovery
• Family issues for the recovering addict and family
• Define the difference between family therapy and family education
• Difference Abstinence/Sobriety and Recovery
• Wellness Plan-Mind Body Spirit
• Improving Quality of Life for Addict

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