Let’s get away… join us for a weekend at Oscar Scherer State Park in Venice, Fl.

We will be going on guided hikes, offering morning meditation and yoga, and lots of other surprises.

The price includes meals, tents and all group activities. Renting canoes or kayaks will cost extra. You will receive a list of necessary supplies upon signing up.

$150 per person, shared tents (they are huge huge tents.)

Transportation not guaranteed, but we will be carpooling, so should be room for all.

If you have a special skill that you would like to share with the group (lead a class, entertain, etc) we would like to hear from you.)

So is a new lifestyle brand created to help support people living sober lives. Events, networking, education and mostly… fun. Like SoFun!

Contact Zac Kushner with questions, and to register:

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