Recovery Navigational Support Training June 28 – June 29

Recovery Navigational Support TrainingWhen: Two day training held on June 28th & 29th 2018Full day training on both days (8-hours) 9:00 AM EST and concluding 5:00 PM EST.Where: Hanley Center’s Resource Center.The address is 933 45th Street, West Palm Beach, FL 33407 Recovery Navigator is a term for qualified peer workers, trained and supported by ROI supervisory staff, to utilize REC-CAP (strengths-based assessment) and REC-Connect (recovery planning toolkit) in delivery of a recovery support service known as Recovery Navigational Support (RNS). Over a six-month period, navigator and client meet face-to-face to engage in structured ninety (90) minute sessions to develop and implement a personalized recovery care plan that focuses on […]


Missing in the media coverage of the unrelenting legions of drug overdose deaths in the United States is an equally important but less heralded story. What subsequently happens to people who experience a drug overdose but are successfully rescued through emergency medical intervention? What is their fate after they leave the hospital or other emergency care setting? New grassroots recovery community organizations (RCOs) are collaborating with first responders and hospitals to influence such outcomes.