AA, 12-step programs more effective at maintaining sobriety

When combined, AA and 12-step clinical programs are more effective at maintaining sobriety than other approaches, a new study finds.  March 11 (UPI) — Twelve-step programs still work for people trying to recover from alcohol problems, a new analysis has found. A study published Wednesday by the Cochrane Library shows Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA, and clinically-related 12-Step Facilitation programs are more effective than other treatments, including cognitive behavioral therapy. Researchers say that participants in AA and 12-step programs have higher rates of abstinence over longer periods of time than those opting for alternative approaches. “One important finding from this review was that it does matter what type of 12-step facilitation intervention people receive […]

Hopefest 2019

Hope Fest 2019 Fellowship Foundation RCO, Fellowship Living Facilities, and South Florida Recovery Community Respite Staff at the 6th Annual Hopefest (previously know as Soberfest) There were many agencies showcasing the services available to the  Recovery Community, Food, Live Music, Narcan Training and Distribution.  Continue reading

Fight Substance Abuse, Get Your Student Loans Paid

It’s always exciting to be able to announce a new programs that can provide relief to student loan borrowers. The National Health Services Corp (NHSC), a federal agency, has established a new student loan repayment assistance program that can provide up to $75,000 to eligible borrowers who make a commitment to helping communities struggling with opioid addiction and substance abuse. The program is called the “Substance Use Disorder Workforce Loan Repayment Program.”Here’s how it works. The program is geared towards medical professionals – specifically physicians, registered nurses, licensed clinical social workers, and other similar health care workers. In order to qualify, you must be a health professional and you must agree to […]