Introduction to Recovery Capital

The addictions field is now overflowing with references to ‘recovery’ with service providers and workers increasingly designated as ‘recovery-focused’, although in many areas there is confusion as to what this means in practice and what needs to change. There is an increasing awareness that people do recover, but we have limited knowledge or science of what enables recovery or at what point in the journey recovery is sparked and made sustainable. There is also the recognition that recovery is something that is grounded in the community and that it is a transition that can occur without professional input, and where professional input is involved, the extent of its role is far from clear. We are also increasingly confident that recovery is contagious and that it is a powerful force not only in transforming the lives of individuals blighted by addiction but in impacting on their families and communities as well.

‘Recovery capital’ refers to the sum of resources necessary to initiate and sustain recovery from substance misuse. These include support from parents and family, partners, friends and neighbours but also key are the individual’s engagement with, commitment to and participation in the community and its values. 


The REC CAP: What’s Capital Got to do with Recovery?
Introduction To Recovery Capital
The Potential of the Rec Cap Program
The Recovery Capital Program Overview
Recovery Capital And My Personal Experience
What do we mean by recovery and recovery capital?
What are the key components of the Recovery Capital Program?
What does recovery capital mean at a community level?
Recovery capital as community engagement
Recovery Capital as Predictive tool for Sustained Recovery


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