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Fellowship Foundation Posts

FedUp Goes Local 2018

This year’s Fed Up Goes Local Rally was a success. The event was hosted by the City of Pembroke Pines at the beautiful Charles F. Dodge City Center. Fellowship Foundation along with the City of Pembroe Pines, Liz Fisher, StoppNow, and South Florida Wellness Network collaborated in the creation of the event. All of the agencies involved in the event have been diligently working raising awareness and continue to fight the Opioid Epidemic that has been affecting us at a national level. 

Fellowship Foundation COO Sara Barkley
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Vice / HBO visits Fellowship Foundation and Fellowship Living Facilities

The cast of Vice News came to South Florida in order to shoot a followup documentary on the aftermath of Alpha-PVP aka Flakka. The news crew stopped by the Fellowship Foundation RCO to check out the wide variety of Recovery Support Services available to the community. The cast also visited Fellowship Living Facilities and conducted some interviews with survivors of the Flakka epidemic. Details on the broadcast dates and times will be provided soon

Fellowship Living Facilities Manager Dan Perlman, Fellowship Foundation RCO /Fellowship Living Facilities COO Sara Barkley, Vice News Crew, and Fellowship Foundation RCO / Fellowship Living Facilities Founder and CEO Rick Riccardi
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