How Accurate Are Opioid Overdose Death Statistics?

Researchers examined six years worth of death certificates to determine the accuracy of opioid-related death statistics for a new study. The overdose epidemic may be vastly underestimated, according to a new study out of the University of Virginia.  A closer look at death certificates from 2008 to 2014 led Dr. Christopher Ruhm to the conclusion that opioid death rates could be 24% higher than previously estimated. “Opioid and heroin involved mortality rates were 24% and 22% greater than reported rates,” the study says. “The differences varied across states, with particularly large effects in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Louisiana.”

The Benefits of working with a Recovery Coach

A Greater Boston news report discusses how Recovery Coaching is a valuable tool to combat the Opioid Epidemic, and other benefits of working with a Recovery Coach. The news report goes over the significant drop of emergency room visits due to drug related incidents, as well as a drop of client’s new legal entanglements, higher rate of academic pursuits, and a higher employment rate.

Turn Your Life Around – Where to start?

 As a self destructive alcoholic and a hard core drug addict who was able to turn his life around and make positive changes, people often ask me about how I am doing it, and what is the easiest way to get there. The answer to those questions can be a simple word like “change“, however, the word “change” can be broken down in several categories which include, routines, people, places things, and thinking. In my personal experience, working on the way I used to “Think” about things first, allowed me to handle all my other obstacles more efficiently. Rather than focusing on the big boulder that blocked my path, I […]

Steps to finding a Sober Living Home that is right for you

Here are some things to look out for when looking for a sober living home:  Does the Sober Living Home offer Recovery Support Services? Some examples of these services include a Back to Work Program, Peer to Peer support Specialists, Recovery Coaching, Lifeskills Development program, Etc..Is there any Structure?  Are there rules in place? Do the staff have specific ways to enforce these rules?Does the Sober Living Home provide access to community resources?Safety: What happens if a resident breaks the rules? Is the staff trained to respond in crisis situations?Drug Testing: Does the Sober Home conduct drug screenings on a regular basis? Are the tests included with the housing fees?Does the Sober Living […]