Recovery Navigational Support Training

When: Two day training held on June 28th & 29th 2018

Full day training on both days (8-hours) 9:00 AM EST and concluding 5:00 PM EST.

Where: Hanley Center’s Resource Center.

The address is 933 45th Street, West Palm Beach, FL 33407

Recovery Navigator is a term for qualified peer workers, trained and supported by ROI supervisory staff, to utilize REC-CAP (strengths-based assessment) and REC-Connect (recovery planning toolkit) in delivery of a recovery support service known as Recovery Navigational Support (RNS). Over a six-month period, navigator and client meet face-to-face to engage in structured ninety (90) minute sessions to develop and implement a personalized recovery care plan that focuses on promoting client recovery capital gains. Qualified candidates participate in a two-day classroom training led by Dr. David Best, world-renown recovery researcher and developer of REC CAP and REC-Connect. Training will address:

• RNS Core Objectives
• Quantifying Recovery Capital 
• Recovery Navigational Support: Measure, Plan & Engage 
• Use of evidence-based practices in the delivery of 
   recovery support services
• Competence with REC CAP and REC-Connect tool-kit
• Community resource mapping and linkage
• Empowering clients to own their Recovery


For More information, contact us at (754) 205-7428