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BioSound Therapy Experience


BioSound Therapy helps individuals take back control of their emotional reactions and focus on quality of life, relationships, and health. It has been proven to be beneficial for patients who suffer from trauma, stress, depression and anxiety.

One thing that most people in recovery can relate to is we are all stressed out, suffer from anxiety, and may be dealing with cravings at some point throughout the day or maybe even the week. All three of those things can be detrimental for someone who is in short term or even long term recovery. Most of the time we find an unhealthy way to cope with stress, anxiety, and craving. Whether it be eating too much, exercising too much, or going back to using drugs or alcohol. Here at the Fellowship Foundation Recovery Community Organization we have a solution to all of those problems.

You may be asking yourself what is biosound therapy. Well first you don’t have to do anything but lie down, headphones will be placed on you. Biosound therapy is a holistic approach to putting your nervous system into a state of complete relaxation. Through the combination of the binaural beats and sound frequency vibrations that have a calming effect on the client.

In a recent scientific study it shows there is a 60-70% decrease in fear, anxiety, cravings, and body aches. Treatment centers and doctors have reported that client who have used biosound therapy have had a decrease in their anxiety and anti craving medication. The guided imagery selections are designed to address the guilt, fear, shame and trauma associated as underlying issues for most client who suffer from addiction. This combination will help the client and patients overcome deep rooted, and negative patterns of thought and behavior. Clients and patients will attain a pre-sleep level brainwave state during a single session that will help facilitate a much deeper sleep.

If you or a loved one may be suffering from stress, anxiety, or craving and you are trying to find a healthy way to cope, then the Fellowship Foundation Recovery Community Organization is the place for you to come. With a new state of the art biosound therapy bed, we are here to help you overcome these problems and live a happy and healthy life in recovery.

Prices for the biosound therapy bed are a $20 suggested donation for a 30 minute session.

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