Outcomes of Using Biosound Therapy with individuals recovering from Substance Use Disorder.

Biosound Healing Therapy is a groundbreaking and holistic approach to helping individuals who struggle with Substance Use Disorder. Individuals who are in early recovery, are very likely to still be experiencing symptoms of Post-Acute Withdrawal, which can be very unpleasant. There are many factors that affect the time that it takes to start feeling normal again. These factors include: Preferred substance, amount used, and length of use. There are no two patients that have the same reaction, it is completely individualized.

After the detox phase, individuals begin to familiarize themselves with a life without alcohol and drugs, learning how to live properly and function in a healthy manner, as healthy members of society. Post detox individuals, more often than not, experience severe and continuous racing thoughts, irritability, extreme fatigue and difficulty concentrating, which at times, leads them to relapse.

Biosound Healing Therapy’s original and refined procedure is a combination of musical stimulation and guided meditation. The most dominant advantages to using the Biosound system is the calming effect, guiding patients towards a healing meditative state, concentrating on their breathing, bringing them to the present and a state of rationality. The Biosound Therapy System incorporates realistic and a constructive biofeedback program established on years of scientific analysis on the psychophysiology of stress, emotions, and interactions between the heart and brain.

According to individual testimonials, the consensus is Biosound Healing Therapy has significantly influenced their early recovery process. The individuals informed that they were grateful and appreciative of The Biosound Experience.



The BioSound Therapy Experience

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