Margate Recovery Advocate Tells It Like It Is. Alcohol and Drugs Are Killing Us

Source: October 03, 2017 By Mitchell Pellecchia More than 100 Americans a day die from alcohol and drug overdose, said Margate’s Rick Riccardi (left) at a recent speaking engagement in Fort Lauderdale. Opioids killed 33,000 users last year with heroin, fentanyl and morphine leading the pack. Another 88,000 died from alcohol poisoning. Riccardi didn’t paint a pretty picture. “This has been going on a long time now. We’re in an epidemic and haven’t noticed it. Not even the federal government,” he told a packed house of business and non-profit leaders at Fort Lauderdale’s Global Events Center.  (bottom photo). Founder of Fellowship Living in Margate, Riccardi didn’t go easy on […]

National Recovery Month Closing Ceremony

The National Recovery Month Closing Ceremony at the Fellowship Foundation Recovery Center, gave us an opportunity to get to know artist Manny Mendez in an intimate setting. Manny delivered a powerful message of hope, and provided inspiration to awaken the artist within all of us. Manny’s art is a direct reflection of the issues that have plagued today’s society on a global scale and can no longer be ignored. The artist has been featured nationwide in several exhibits, film, recovery centers, and several pieces were on display at the Fellowship Foundation Recovery Community Organization’s grand opening. Manny donated 2 art pieces to the Fellowship Foundation RCO, which are on display for […]